My name is Tommy Wolf. I come from a small town of Burbank, WA. I have lived in Burbank my entire life. Being part of a small community has been amazing. I started doing photography at the age of 8. When I was in middle school, I found the passion of doing sports photography. Playing sports has been a key part of my life. Capturing local sports around my community and others has been a blessing for me. Covering local athletes in our area is big here! Taking photographs of any sport means a lot to myself. I started LitMediaProductions in April of 2020. Which happened to be the start of the pandemic. Crazy Right! I Know. However starting a sports page like this was one of my goals in life. LitMediaProductions has been a huge success. Having a page like this for the athletes is really special to them. Capturing their moments in games is best that anyone could ask for. Sports has always been there for me! #It'sLit
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